Date: 2012-02-14 09:49 pm (UTC)
What a stupid cunt (I'm sorry, I know she's your family... but wow). Propogating stereotypes, or worse, just letting them happen, is a terrible thing!!! What about stereotypes that black people are thugs, or gay men go after little boys, or, or, or...??? It hurts every one of those people on a personal level to be so stereotyped, and should NOT be okay with any one of us!

You are in a very physical, hands-on job, and there is a certain amount of trust inherent in that position. It is a terrible thing that it has been abused by others, and is now being exploited on TV. You would NEVER see a TV show about, say, a pedophilic gay man who goes after little boys, would you? NO. BECAUSE IT IS NOT FUNNY. It is someone's traumatic life experience and should not be made fun of for ratings! Neither should the daily realities and potential threats of your job be a show for the masses!!! It's the modern-day equivalent of throwing slaves into the gladiator's arena and watching them bludgeon each other to death. IT'S COOL BECAUSE IT'S NOT HAPPENING TO US, WHERE IS MAH POPCORN?!

I think it's an even more atrocious shame that not only was this a made-for-TV movie, but it was so popular they are turning it into a series. What made it a good idea in the first place, much less the second place?!

UGH. Keep protesting, we will back you up!
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