Date: 2012-02-15 01:55 am (UTC)
Oh, your name for her is pretty accurate. It isn't the first ridiculously stupid thing that she has said/done.

She really doesn't understand that yes, she is only one of millions who make that joke and "her" stopping won't stop the millions, but hey - it's a start. Rather than continuing it, maybe stand up and say "hey, you know that isn't really what they do and it really isn't funny because it actually puts them in danger by continuing that stereotype" when someone else cracks the joke.

It's just... urg. *EYEROLL*

I totally tweeted JLH and Lifetime a few dozen times because some douche on Twitter (who I don't have ANY idea of how he found me or where he came from) decided to get into a debate over it with me and tell me that it was entertainment and I should just stop taking it so seriously. He also went to a point of telling me that it was really 'rude' of me to tweet Lifetime/JLH and that I should just simply not watch the show if I don't like it.

I seriously posted this thinking that maybe someone would be on the other side (ex: "its just entertainment, simmer down") and we could have an adult conversation about it and maybe I really was just over reacting, but it is nice that it seems everyone is agreeing with me!
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