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Yesterday watching a Lifetime movie, I discovered there was a new show starting next month with Jennifer Love Hewitt with the basic premise that she plays a woman who gets divorced, is a single mom, and needs money - so she gets a job as a "massage therapist" in a "day spa" that gives a lot more than just massages.

Given my profession, this outraged me. Understandable, yes? I posted a few things on my Facebook and I may have tweeted Lifetime and JLH a few dozen times, thanks to a debate I got into with some jackass who decided to tell me that it is perfectly okay to perpetuate stereotypes when they are for entertainment.

The Facebook post was clearly a serious tone, pretty obvious that I was pissed - and my cousin (female) decided it was an opportune time to post a comment of "so do you give happy endings? lol"

Uh, right. That was totally acceptable. Great timing for it, right?

or you can view it directly here:

I eventually gave up and left it be, Kyle joined the debate, who then also gave up - my cousin is trying to argue points that were never part of the issue in the first place (yes, women are always "targets" for attacks, they are always at risk in every day situations - does that change that a television show continuing a stereotype that shows millions of people that massage therapists are prostitutes is okay? A television show that you can easily argue puts me at even MORE of a risk than the "every day" situations that every person in the world is already in?)

I was basically just like *eyerollwhatever* and then her older sister jumped in and left a post on Lisa's wall "Do CPR trainers give happy endings?"

At this point, fuck family, I am about to de-friend them both and deal with the wrath of pissing off family. And this is coming from ME. I adore my family. I've never gotten into this heated of a battle with them - they do stupid shit, I roll my eyes and get over it. This time you're arguing that LOL ITS FUNNY TO CALL YOUR PROFESSION PROSTITUTES AND LOL STEREOTYPES OH WELL THEY EXIST YOU CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, WE'LL JUST LAUGH AT IT AND CONTINUE IT.


Hay, LJ friends. What do you think about this all?

Date: 2012-02-15 01:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, your name for her is pretty accurate. It isn't the first ridiculously stupid thing that she has said/done.

She really doesn't understand that yes, she is only one of millions who make that joke and "her" stopping won't stop the millions, but hey - it's a start. Rather than continuing it, maybe stand up and say "hey, you know that isn't really what they do and it really isn't funny because it actually puts them in danger by continuing that stereotype" when someone else cracks the joke.

It's just... urg. *EYEROLL*

I totally tweeted JLH and Lifetime a few dozen times because some douche on Twitter (who I don't have ANY idea of how he found me or where he came from) decided to get into a debate over it with me and tell me that it was entertainment and I should just stop taking it so seriously. He also went to a point of telling me that it was really 'rude' of me to tweet Lifetime/JLH and that I should just simply not watch the show if I don't like it.

I seriously posted this thinking that maybe someone would be on the other side (ex: "its just entertainment, simmer down") and we could have an adult conversation about it and maybe I really was just over reacting, but it is nice that it seems everyone is agreeing with me!

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