Date: 2013-02-24 12:57 am (UTC)
I'm glad everything is going so well. I have a friend that just started her hospital stay at evergreen because her identical girls are sharing the same sac so I'm glad your girls are don't have that. If you want me to connect you two on fb I will, her c section is scheduled in early April at 32 weeks. Another friend had her boys at 35 weeks naturally so its really a crap shoot and I will think good thoughts for all of you.

And complain away about aches and pain. Its totally ok and wouldny come off as ungrateful. I'd give my li up for either one of my kids but if I couldn't vent about them then I'd explode. You're in for a great journey but let yourself vent, its really healthy. Especially when you aren't getting any sleep. Its how you keep the humor.

I found a cute navy and green sun dress combo by carters that coordinates and thought of you. You should post about how you want to dress them. The dresses were 12- 18 month size so ready for next summer but I tend to not buy small outfits because so many people give you.those sizes. My friends 35 weekers were 5-6 lbers and now at 2 months they are growing out of newborn size so IDK. I guess its a Singleton thing. I also have girls clothing in great condition if you want any hand me downs. Everyone has had boys since Zachary so its nice to have girls on the way!

End rambling, happy Saturday!
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