Date: 2013-02-24 01:29 am (UTC)
I heart you!!!!

I have another u/s on Thursday (big anatomy scan, hooray!!!) and everything has thus far looked perfect, so... i really hope it continues to look that way!

And I would hope that some friends who are also struggling know that my bitching about aches/pains aren't ungrateful, but... I also have a friend (who granted has been trying for over a decade) who was only supportive as long as I was also struggling - the second I got my + she has basically ignored me, and when I've been supportive to her and tried to help her, I get shady, snarky, bitchy comments back - it's made me pissy at her (and hello, I did nothing.) but... i've ALWAYS been aware of and supportive of those who are trying and have yet to be successful. I just never want to rub anything in their face, ya know?

And ZOMG those sound super cute!! I don't think I necessarily have a specific "way" I want to dress them, but so far almost all clothes we have are neutral (and almost more "boy") because they've all come from moms of boys.. oops! I figure we'll get lots of girl clothes from everyone else and it will even out. ;) And I'm totally not above hand me downs if you are trying to get rid of things!
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