Date: 2013-02-25 05:23 pm (UTC)
I can't imagine how awful that would feel, being rejected by a friend over something you cannot control. I mean, infertility sucks and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I have no idea what it's like and I pray for the comfort of my friends that go through it. I've always wanted kids and for me it was a long wait to be able to get the green light to start a family. I had to wait through friends getting pregnant and having cute babies and being happy for them but also a bit jealous, so maybe that's how I can empathsize?

IDK, one other way to think about it is that while you two had a good run together as friends, maybe she is more of a fairweather friend, someone that isn't going to be close and that might be ok. For one jealous, jerky friend, you have a bazillion more that are happy and rooting for you and Kyle and the girls. But it's hard to shake that icky feeling so I'll just think good thoughts for your comfort.

Just allow yourself to experience the good and the not so good aspect of pregnancy and parenthood. I find that when I vent about something, I get a lot more people responding with "been there, done that, it sucks and you are doing a good job" support than negativity. I'll be here when they are being insane toddlers with an attitude problem. Oh yeah, they do eventually get mouthy and defiant, just spend 10 minutes with Taylor. That's why they are cute, so that you don't sell them on craigslist.

Can you tell I've had a glorious relaxing weekend? lol

I have a rubbermaid bin full of girls stuff for the first year that I'd be glad to pass on to a good home. They grow out of the small stuff so fast so it's good to have a couple of super cute outfits for pictures and special occassions but until they hit the 12-18 month clothing size, be ready for them to grow out of clothes in 2-3 months for each size. Especially if you are cloth diapering because of the added (awesome) bulge.

I heart you too!!
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